Product Name: Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


  • Different discharge methods (gate, rotary lock)
  • Dust collection container available in different sizes
  • Steel, stainless steel or aluminium

Special Features:

- Dust collection container available in different sizes.
- Different discharge methods (gate, rotary lock).
- Steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Application Range:

- Primary filtration unit or pre-separator unit.
- Dry, pourable types of dust.

The cyclonic pre-separator units of the AMSC-series are the result of years of experience in combination with scientific research discoveries. These units make it possible to efficiently separate dry and pourable dust from the air stream so that only the fine dust needs to be filtered out by the subsequently connected dust extractor. The use of cyclonic pre-separators can significantly increase the filter life of the dust extractor thereby reducing the operating costs. Altomech is so sure of the efficiency of this technology that we will guarantee the performance of the equipment.

For special applications the AMSC -cyclonic pre-separators are also available as a stand-alone filtration unit with a fan installed on top of the cyclonic separator.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

- Optimal solution for extracting medium sized and coarse dust.
- Effective dust extraction with filtration efficiency guarantee.
- Ideal in combination with other Altomech dust extractors.