Product Name: Centralized Vacuum cleaner


  • Practically unlimited application in all Industries.
  • Increased productivity due to faster cleaning and therefore, less machine downtime.
  • Strong Suction and High Suction Capacity.: Even great quantity of voluminous fly and dust are sucked up and collected in the central container. Oily, sticky fly is also removed easily from all the machine parts and floors.
  • Reduced wear on production machines due to quick, thorough cleaning.
  • No blocking of aisles with bulky mobile vacuuming devices, no accident risk from electric cables on the floor.
  • Better conditions for workers because of reduced dust content in room air. Whirling up health-endangering    dust particles with blasts of compressed air are avoided.
  • Improved working conditions for cleaners.
  • The large filter/collecting drum with 200 Liters. Capacity provides the advantage of long cleaning     intervals without time consuming intermediate emptying.
  • High vacuuming capacity at each plug-in connection. Maximum suction capacity is always available at    every suction port. For cleaning, the suction hose is simply inserted in the nearest connection.
  • Even difficult, often unpleasant cleaning tasks can be carried out simply, quickly and neatly.
  • Users can select from a variety of accessories – hoses, floor- vacuuming attachments,

       vacuum brushes, etc. according to individual need.



  1. All type of building maintenances and remodeling 
  2. Large Factory atmospheres
  3. Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges etc.

Centralized Vacuum Systems are a perfect answer for vacuuming coarse or fine dust, wet or dry, vapors or smoke, fluffs or flies as the case may be from machines or atmosphere. They are then transported through pipe systems to the collection hopper where they are separated, filtered and the filtered air is thrown in to the atmosphere.

These systems are custom built to meet your application needs. We offer total pre and post sales service from design to commissioning of the system.